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DXRacer King Series

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One chair to rule them all - The King Series is a newly designed seat with 90 degree 4D adjustable armrests, which are padded for extra comfort. The King Series is DXRacer’s widest model of chair, and offers a sleek ergonomic design for maximum comfort. This chair is designed to stay comfortable for long sessions, including those that are 8 hours or longer. This chair is fit for a King! Quality and Security-all the accessories have passed 72 strict quality tests. Imported hydraulic unit- the hydraulic unit is imported from Germany and passes stringent SGS and other international standards. Adjustable system- the height and angle of the chair can be adjusted to any degree. Full-size frame- DXRacer chair has a full-size frame inside. Footrest-shape base- our new base has been designed by teams of foreign professionals to last indefinitely.

  • Raise and Lower, specially designed handle toggle gently and lift quickly. Balance at the desired height. 
  • Resilient armrest surface, DXRacer imports the highest quality polyurethane high quality surfaces allow for increased comfort soft and pleasant to the touch. 
  • Large angle adjuster, a typical feature of the chair, provides the highest level of comfort. 
  • Multi-directional ergonomic design 
  • 3" Universal casters 
  • New designed aluminum base with footrests 
  • 12 month warranty on parts
  • Weight Capacity :<300 lb / 136 kg 
  • Recommended user BMI and height 
  • BMI Formula 
  • BMI = (Weight in Pounds / (Height in inches x Height in inches)) x 703 
  • Classic Series 
  • Recommend User (BMI<30) /Height: <6'3" / 1.90 m

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